Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Second Anniversary

On our second anniversary, Alex bought me a nice pot of flowers as a gift. He usually buys me either red roses or pink lillies and carnations, however, this time he had a more animated selection instead. The multi colour petals form a spectacular combination. It really made my day! In return, I bought him a box of French chocolates. They were made by Pascal Caffet, a top French chocolatier cum a world champion pastry chef. Enjoy the pictures!

The bud arches towards the sunlight

Some nice purple orchids beautifully nestled in between the leaves

Two French lilly buds

Are they related to carnation?

The handsome looking bird of paradise

Smiley face gerbera sunflower

My favourite carnation stood elegantly amongst the bouquet

Some nice looking yellow orchids?

Another beautiful carnation

The sunflower is looking really proud and happy

French lilly looks really elegant when it opens, doesn't it?

Purple flower adds another dimension to the bouquet

Even the bears like to hang around it

So comfy!

Last but not least, my zchocolate specially dedicated to the man I love

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