Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Home cooking is never an expensive indulgence. I didn't realise my extravagant passion about cooking until I met my fiance, Alex, which has driven my kitchen desire further. As our romance blossoms, my patience and dedicacy in preparing a table for two grows even stronger. Yes, our love means everything to me. It changes my life, my preference and my indulgence from top to toe. Like I never liked capsicum before, now I am enjoying it very much.

Living in a western country, it leaves us no choice but to fully exploit the potential of local vegetables and incorporate them into asian cookings. Thanks goodness, though my dishes do not often turn out authentic, Alex is not a fussy eater, so no matter what I make he tries to finish them all. Given the limited variety available, I try to be as creative in my cooking as possible.

To date, my cooking is still amateur and I strive to improve at every opportunity available by learning from other experts. I prefer sourcing my recipes from the online foodie rather than printable cookbooks as I find the latter recipes are often too complicated and confusing to the readers. Sometimes the value of the recipe is far overrated by their rather exaggerating photography. On the other hand, recipes from the foodie are usually well tested and confirmed. Often useful tips are included in the blog posts as well.

For the past couple of years, Alex was very much inspired by my kitchen spirit. He started to hand on the ladle in 2008 and has become more appreciative of the art of cooking since then. Thus far, he has come out with many inspiring ideas to perfectionise our dinners. He made me believes in presentation of a dish is as important as its taste.

Personally, I like asian home cooking utmost but I still attempt to explore other mysterious european or mediterranean flavours as well. Alex, being a half Greek, gives me an even more significant reason to dive into european cooking. Together, Alex and I embark on this journey in search of more innovative food ideas from modern to traditional great recipes. This blog cronicles our culinary adventures. Welcome and thank you for dropping by at our kitchen corner.

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